In the next 5 years, the City of Philadelphia will be working with their contractor, Intersection, to double the number of transit shelters in the City. They will be replacing existing shelters with a new design and adding new locations.

This is your opportunity to help them pick the first round of new shelter locations. As part of this process, they have identified possible locations for these new shelters. They picked these locations based on the following criteria:

  • ridership
  • requests by citizens, local agencies and elected officials
  • availability of space on the sidewalk
  • proximity to hospitals
  • proximity to shopping centers
  • proximity to senior centers
  • proximity to community centers

The City Ave District is currently in the process of advocating for a bus shelter to be placed at PCOM- Kings Grant & City Ave! Help support our efforts & leave a comment saying you want to see this happen! Click here

New transit shelter design features-