Take a dozen students from St. Joe’s and drop them in Sioux Falls and what do you get?

Two new houses, of course.

Habitat for Humanity in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is hosting the group of college students to help build two homes and work on neighborhood revitalization and other local construction projects, writes ksfy.com, the ABC affiliate in Sioux Falls.

“The program here is based around helping the undergrads understand the bigger purpose,” said Kelly Rogers, adult facilitator for the South Dakota St. Joseph’s group. “St. Joe’s is a Jesuit University in Philadelphia and one of our core purposes is working with and for others. That’s a Jesuit ideal that we really focus on during undergraduate career at St. Joseph’s University.”

The university has six total groups of students helping in different cities.

St. Joseph’s mission statement is As Philadelphia’s Jesuit Catholic University, Saint Joseph’s provides a rigorous, student-centered education rooted in the liberal arts. We prepare students for personal excellence, professional success, and engaged citizenship. Striving to be an inclusive and diverse community that educates and cares for the whole person, we encourage and model lifelong commitment to thinking critically, making ethical decisions, pursuing social justice, and finding God in all things, according to their website.

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