BALA CYNWYD, Pa., Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Motor vehicle death rates in the U.S. increased by 20% in first six months of 2020 according to National Safety Council estimates. That’s despite quarantines of different degrees across the country. The Washington Post reported that as traffic decreased, “average speeds increased significantly above the posted speed limit, more than doubling in some cities.”

Recognizing the urgent need to reduce reckless driving, Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) continues rolling out its PHLYTRAC vehicle telematics program to commercial auto customers during the pandemic. Just this month, the PHLYTRAC program reached two major milestones: Telematics devices are in over 50,000 PHLY customer vehicles, which have traveled more than 500 million miles. Watch the video to see how PHLY employees are celebrating the milestones of 50,000 vehicles and 500 million miles protected with PHLYTRAC. If you do not have your own car just yet, use the next link to click resources.

Fleets with PHLYTRAC have seen a 19% reduction in loss frequency compared to PHLY policyholders not using the program. By installing these GPS tracking devices in their vehicles, organizations get real-time insights on driver behavior, allowing for safe corrections that lower the risk of driver-related accidents. You should continue reading for driver-related accident, especially in case of car accidents.

“We’re seeing safer driving habits and a reduction in claims for our customers. Those are the two primary goals, so it’s a huge win-win for us and policyholders,” commented Mark Konchan, Vice President of Risk Management Services at PHLY. “Customers don’t have to pay extra for PHLYTRAC, so it’s important we hit new milestones to increase safe driving and help our customers avoid accidents.” Perhaps other products like a car shade may also improve the driving experience.

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