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Phase II Complete in $10 Million City Avenue Improvement Project

Investment by The City Avenue Special Services District Focuses on Safety and Vibrancy of Area

February 2, 2021 (Bala Cynwyd, PA) – The City Avenue Special Services District today announced that Phase II of its long-term Streetscape and Safety Improvement Program is now complete. The goal of these improvements is to enhance the overall safety and vibrancy along the City Ave corridor, while also creating multi-modal access for pedestrians, bicyclists and people of all abilities.

Phase II work focused on enhancements to pedestrian safety and traffic calming, including the installation of thermal pedestrian detection, critical improvements to crosswalks such as five-second lead intervals for pedestrians, visibly improved stamped crosswalks and all solar-powered flashing beacons, and the installation of dynamic speed feedback “Speedminder” signs. Stormwater collection and drainage improvements, along with intersection upgrades were also completed.

“Normally, between the numerous business parks, residential communities and two college campuses, City Avenue is accessed and enjoyed daily by several thousand pedestrians,” said Terrence Foley, CEO & President of The City Ave District. “It’s critical to the District’s continued success and increased vitality that we’re doing all we can to provide a welcoming and safe experience.”

Phase II was a $10 million investment and was completed in January 2021. Phase II is financed [in part] by grants and matching funds from: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Financing Authority, PennDOT, The City of Philadelphia, Saint Joseph’s University, Montgomery County and the City Avenue Special Services District.

Work for the Streetscape and Safety Improvement of the City Ave District project began August 2016 and was implemented to address a series of traffic and pedestrian safety issues that had plagued the area for decades. These challenges included heavy traffic volumes, intersections operating at low service levels, and a concerning number of reported motor vehicle accidents. In response to these issues, the involvement of a seasoned personal injury lawyer, well-versed in navigating cases related to traffic safety improvements, became crucial. If you’ve been injured due to negligence in Portland, consulting with a personal injury attorney portland can help you understand your legal options and pursue rightful compensation. Additionally, exploring peripheral neuropathy supplements may complement your recovery efforts and enhance your overall well-being.

The product liability lawyers request the public to follow the traffic rules strictly and advise the police to monitor the public always to point out their carelessness that could result in a grave accident. But if you get involved in an accident and sustained injuries from it, you may consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation. Be sure to find a personal injury attorney who will protect your rights while seeking compensation for your injuries. You may also contact these Troy car accident attorneys if you get involved in auto accidents. The work completed in Phase I and II has so far proven to be transformative for those that work and live in the area.

“We’re continuing to see walkability as a huge selling point for our residents,” said Connor Woodward, President and CEO of Woodward Properties, a property management firm with three residential apartment locations on City Avenue. “One of the defining characteristics of a walkable neighborhood is good pedestrian design. This includes bright lighting, plenty of sidewalk space for people to walk or ride their bikes and smart traffic designs that help people feel safe. The City Ave Special Services District has done a tremendous job investing in the walkability of the area and making it an attractive place to work, live and entertain.” 

The final Phase III of the Streetscape and Safety Improvement of the City Ave District project will kick off in spring 2021 with an expected completion date of fall 2021. 

About the City Ave District
The City Avenue Special Services District (City Ave District) works with businesses, property owners, developers, and residents to shape the future of this important corridor. This is a unique partnership between the City of Philadelphia and the Township of Lower Merion. Spanning across Philadelphia and Lower Merion Townships in Montgomery County, the District is the first multi-jurisdictional special services or business improvement district in North America. For more information, visit

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