PennDOT Touts Repaving of City Ave as First Project in Region Taking Advantage of Act 89 Funding



At a press conference today at Saint Joseph’s University, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley talked about the impact of Act 89 funding for regional transportation improvements, including the re-paving of City Ave that took place in June.



Lieutenant Governor Cawley noted that before the re-paving project, City Ave was home to “potholes that would rival the surface of the moon” due to the harsh winter we faced in the area. However, with the passage of the massive transportation funding bill, drivers on City Ave now have a much smoother ride, making it easier to get around the City Ave District.



The repaving of City Ave was a $2.8 million project that included 5-mile stretch, encompassing parts of the City Ave District, from the Schuylkill River to Haverford Avenue.



PennDOT Executive Deputy Secretary Brad Mallory also mentioned another upcoming project on City Ave, including the installation of traffic adaptive signals, new ADA ramps and other intersection improvements. This project is being funded through a federal Congestion & Mitigation Air Quality grant awarded to the City Ave District with additional funding provided by PennDOT.



There are additional phases planned for this project and the City Ave District has applied for a Multimodal Funds Grant through PennDOT to support the project continuation.