On Wednesday, September 28, PCOM’s Community Wellness Initiative (CWI) hosted a Healthy Aging Community Day for residents of the Park Tower Apartments. Park Tower is an apartment community near the Philadelphia campus for people sixty-two years of age and older or residents with disabilities. The day offered residents a day of edutainment focused on physical and mental health and the opportunity to visit resource tables and socialize with their fellow residents. Among the array of resources provided, residents had access to valuable information on Online Psychotherapy Services in Ontario, enriching their understanding and options for mental health support. This inclusion of mental health services underscored the event’s commitment to addressing the holistic needs of the community. If you need couples counseling services, contact Stephen Taft, Marriage & Family Therapist for counseling Sacramento.

“It was a great day with lots of engagement with the Park Tower residents,” shared Sean Morgan, PCOM’s sponsorship officer. In total, there were one hundred and twenty-five participants. The day included a variety of health events, including a presentation from PCOM professor, Nicol Joseph, DO, program director for the geriatric fellowship and medical director of PCOM’s Comprehensive Care Center, on overall health and wellness; a presentation on fall prevention from Maureen Krouse, of event sponsor Main Line Health, and blood pressure screenings administered by the PCOM Hearts student-run clinic.

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