On Wednesday, September 28, PCOM’s Community Wellness Initiative (CWI) hosted a Healthy Aging Community Day for residents of the Park Tower Apartments. Park Tower is an apartment community near the Philadelphia campus for people sixty-two years of age and older or residents with disabilities. The day offered residents a day of edutainment focused on physical and mental health and the opportunity to visit resource tables and socialize with their fellow residents.

“It was a great day with lots of engagement with the Park Tower residents,” shared Sean Morgan, PCOM’s sponsorship officer. In total, there were one hundred and twenty-five participants. The day included a variety of health events, including a presentation from PCOM professor, Nicol Joseph, DO, program director for the geriatric fellowship and medical director of PCOM’s Comprehensive Care Center, on overall health and wellness; a presentation on fall prevention from Maureen Krouse, of event sponsor Main Line Health, and blood pressure screenings administered by the PCOM Hearts student-run clinic.

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