HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced Monday that it will fully transition to cashless tolling by 2021. Once the change is implemented, cash or best credit card payments will no longer be accepted anywhere along the 552-mile tollway.

Instead, drivers who once paid their tolls with cash or credit cards will receive a PA Turnpike “Toll By Plate” bill in the mail. A photo of the license plate is taken, and a bill is then mailed to the vehicle’s owner. Payment can then be mailed or made online.

There will be no change for drivers who pay with E-ZPass.

All sections of the turnpike will be cashless by the fall of 2021, Turnpike officials said.

Authorities say cashless tolling improves safety and mobility. “Everybody pays electronically, so there’s no need to stop; everyone benefits from the convenience of uninterrupted travel. Plus, cash and E-ZPass customers no longer need to dart across tollbooth traffic to reach their lanes,” PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton said.

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By Kara Seymour, Patch Staff