Our recent City Ave District Lunch & Learn event was hosted by Atrium Executive Center & presented by  Julie Foster of The Public Interest Law Center on Thursday, April 21st. 

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance:  Understand Your Legal Obligations Before You Get Sued, Lunch & Learn


Do you know if your building is accessible? Or how to work with a deaf client or customer? What if an employee asks for a reasonable accommodation? All businesses open to the public must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and a related Pennsylvania state law. This law governs your hiring and employment, physical buildings, and goods and services for customers and clients. Disability rights attorney and small business owner, Julie Foster, guided guests through some of the major ADA pitfalls to avoid in their business during this session.

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The City Ave District Lunch & Learn series is designed to give our business tenants an inside look at other businesses here in City Ave. These events are tailored to a select group of City Ave District professionals. For more on other events, check here.