PHILADELPHIA — Located at the 54th Street entrance to St. Joseph’s University is security officer Maurice Blake’s post. He is known by many around the university and considers himself the ambassador of the campus.

Blake is most likely the first and last person you see when arriving and leaving campus. He is quick to greet you with a “good morning” or a “have a nice weekend,” all paired with a smile and his sunglasses.

The Director of Public Safety and Security, Arthur Grover, says he receives numerous texts, emails, and phone calls about Blake and the positive interactions people have with him.

“Maurice embodies that and takes full advantage of that opportunity to create a wonderful impression about St. Joseph’s University,” said Grover.

Blake says he is very humbled by everyone and the feedback that he gets from them. Some students and staff will even bring him food and coffee from Starbucks, right across the street.

He adds being kind comes naturally, and he especially loves his job because he is a people person.

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