Meet the Owner of Trails End Cafe, Tracy Katz.

The cafe is located conveniently at the Cynwyd Train Station and the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.

Tracy and her team have been serving the community locally sourced coffee

and delicious food since 2016.

  • How did you first learn about Trails End Cafe? The Cynwyd Train Station, where the café is located, is in my neighborhood. I also use the trail for walking and the café was always a good place to stop in.
  • Before working at Trails End Cafe, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? I have spent a considerable number of years as a job coach (and more recently a trainer for job coaches) and a transition consultant for students and adults with disabilities.
  • How has Trails End Cafe helped you in your career development? I am a natural born “connector” and the café has helped me meet so many more of my neighbors and connect them with others through our events and just from occupying the space over coffee.
  • What are 3 words to describe Trails End Cafe? Community, Comfortable, and delicious!
  • What drew you to Trails End Cafe originally? And how has Trails End Cafe changed since? I started the café as an opportunity to create a community space where everyone feels welcome. We have become a second living room for some of our neighbors. All communities need that space where “they always know your name” and too many do not.
  • What has been your favorite project at Trails End Cafe? Our dinner events are always fun. We hosted our second Winter Solstice dinner last month – it’s always good to share meals with friends and neighbors. In November, we did a huge fundraiser for a restauranteur in Puerto Rico. We cooked for days and sold out all 100 dinners (plus a few more!) and were able to donate a considerable amount from the proceeds directly to repairs of his restaurant after Hurricane Maria.
  • What is the favorite part about working for Trails End Cafe? Using my cooking creativity to create delicious foods in a really small space. Also, meeting and greeting neighbors. I enjoy making people happy and the personality of the café is so much more than your average coffee shop/cafe.
  • Do you have a favorite quote? Life is a journey, not a destination.
  • Favorite travel spot? ANYWHERE – I love to travel! I really enjoy visiting our extended family in Israel. Greece and Italy are on my list for sooner than later and I’d really like to visit places in the US,  like the Grand Canyon, that I’ve never seen.
  • How do you define success? When a customer is happy.
  • If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mac & Cheese.
  • People would be surprised if they knew: I am a private clarinet and saxophone teacher. My undergraduate degree is in music education.
  • What book did you read last? Hardback…a cookbook, I can’t say which one because I just sit and read them all the time. They are all over my house! I am, however, listening to You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir by Sherman Alexie…but my Audible is full of a variety of titles.
  • What do you always want to try and never did? Playing the French Horn…it is on my bucket list!
  • You’re happiest when? I can fit a nap into my day – LOL.
  • Is there anything special about City Ave that you can share? The St. Joseph’s campus and the growth in the area reminds me a lot of my university (Virginia Commonwealth University – VCU). I appreciate their efforts to create a beautiful campus around a busy city area.