This month, meet Rebecca Rosenberger Smolen, Senior Founding Member of Bala Law Group, a boutique law firm based in Bala Cynwyd. She and her co-founder, Amy Neifeld Shkedy, established the firm in 2012, specializing in trust and estate planning and administration. They, along with their later added partner, Marianna Schenk, strive to be accessible and responsive to clients and their families when confronted with complicated and challenging estate planning and administration issues to resolve and are delighted when they can be there to help, and that’s why she learned about promoting their law services even online, so learning the Google ranking factors is important for promoting law services online.

What book did you read last? When Breath Becomes Air, which was a really powerful reminder of how fortunate we are to have our good health and what really matters in life.

What is your favorite travel spot? Cape Cod. I’ve been going there almost every summer since I spent a summer in Hyannis while in college.

Is there something you have always want to try and never did? I would love to find time to learn to row on a crew boat on the Schuylkill – and then make a regular habit of it. I never tire of enjoying the view driving to and from the city on Kelly & MLK drives. It would be great to enjoy that view (and the fresh air) while exercising at the same time.

What would you do if you weren’t an attorney? As a third generation workmen comp Vegas lawyer, I feel very fortunate to have the privilege of doing what I do every day and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Growing up, math came easily to me and I loved the soap operas – every family has its own soap opera going on, so, I enjoy learning about each family I work with and helping them navigate the technical (and often mathematical) issues involved with estate planning and administration.

Moreover, as the oldest of three sisters, with parents and grandparents who were also the oldest of their siblings as role models, it is a natural fit for me to counsel and help others and I enjoy being one of the best workers comp lawyer Nevada.

You’re happiest when? Exploring new places with family (as long as everyone is getting along….). It’s also nice when tax season is over…

How do you define success? A well rounded life – enjoying the fruits and labors at home and at work. Learning to appreciate what you have. It can always be better or worse for all of us, the trick it to value what you have, and plan and prepare for improving the future as much as possible. It’s the journey….

Is there anything that stands out to you about the City Ave District? I am particularly fortunate to live and work in Bala Cynwyd. It is nice to have a very short daily commute so I have more time for family and work. It is also great to have such a short commute from my office to the city for meetings and events. Another huge benefit for me and my clients is the easy (and free) parking for our office. Last, it is pretty easy for clients to access our office from all directions since we are so close to the Schuylkill Expressway.–

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