Get to know Sadie Francis- Business Owner, Concoctionist, Spunky Horticulturalist at Cynwyd Station Cafe and Tea Room; where she averages hosting 3 events A WEEK!

Question: What’s your most significant accomplishment?
Answer: The relationships I have help fostered, and the love and comfort and laughter that are created out of them.

Q: If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

A: Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar.  No doubt.

Q: What are two things you can’t live without?

A: Dark chocolate and long walks off beaten paths.

Q: Who do you admire as a leader?

A: Victoria Woodhull – she was a suffragette leader, a spiritualist, and, in 1872, the first woman to run for office of President of the United States. This was before woman even won the right to vote!  You’ve got to love her chutzpah.   She went from rags to riches twice, and championed reforms for the working class.

Q: What do you believe to be the key to success?

A: Ben Franklin said energy and persistence, and I tend to agree with most things that Ben Franklin said.

Q: What book do you think everyone should read?

A: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  People tend of think of it as a children’s book, but it grapples with some heavy psychological stuff. At it’s core it’s a coming of age story, but it is still somehow relevant to me even as I grow older. We are all in a constant state of becoming, and Carroll reminds you that yes, it is a downright confusing and wondrous process for everyone. I can’t recommend another book more.

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