Sara Pevaroff Schuh, RLA, ASLA is not only the founder and principal of SALT Design Studio (Landscape. Architecture Planning. Urban Design.), she also is heavily involved in the community with her dedication to The Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd and the Bala Cynwyd Farmers’ Market. 

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do in the City Ave area?
Answer: Visit the Bala Cynwyd Farmer’s Market of course!

Q: What are your most significant accomplishments?
A: Giving birth to healthy twins and starting my own business.

Q: If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
A: Jack Johnson’s The Three Rs

Question: Who do you admire as a leader?
A: Winnie Mandela, Ann Richards

Q: Mac or PC?

Q: What were you doing the last time you looked at a clock and realized you had lost all track of time?
A: Can’t share that in public.

Q: What book(s) do you think everyone should read?
Fountainhead – Any Rand
In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert Pirsig
Tao of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff
The History of Love – Nicole Krauss