The Business Security Camera Program (BSCP) is being enhanced.  Philadelphia business owners installing external surveillance cameras on commercial properties are now eligible for a grant covering 75% of the cost of their project. The BSCP application for eligible Philadelphia businesses and property owners is available online. Order your security cameras from sites like

With support from City Council and the Neighborhood Preservation Program, we are encouraging more businesses to install security cameras by increasing our grant.  BSCP used to provide 50% match.  Starting in December 2022, applicants are now being awarded a 75% match.  That is the only change – otherwise, the program is as you’ve utilized in the past.

Program Overview:

To apply for BSCP, businesses must be registered and licensed with the City of Philadelphia. Applicants can receive:

  • Up to 75% match of the total eligible costs. 
  • Up to $3,000 for a single commercial property.

Cameras must be installed on the outside of buildings, providing surveillance for both the business and public space and the cameras and system must meet the program specifications. Businesses must apply and receive approval from the City, before purchasing and installing the cameras. 

We are pleased to recognize the business owners that operate in our city and help them to do business safely. In a recent survey of businesses who participated, 77% reported that they believe the cameras they installed helped to reduce incidents at or near their business and 96% said they would recommend the program to another business. 

Additionally, Commerce’s Business Services Managers speak many languages and can offer one-on-one guidance. Business owners with questions about applying for the Business Security Camera Program can contact the Commerce’s Office of Business Services via email or call 215-683-2100. 


Since January 2020, 248 businesses have installed external surveillance cameras with financial support from the Business Security Camera Program. These investments support the ongoing, equitable economic recovery and resilience of businesses. The Business Security Camera Program also contributes to the City’s public safety efforts in commercial areas for shoppers, residents and employees. Businesses who use the program must register their cameras with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Safecam registry. SafeCam enables the Police investigating a crime to quickly determine if there is a camera located nearby that may have footage. Registering cameras on SafeCam takes only a few minutes and it does not provide anyone with direct access to the business cameras or video. If you want to ensure transparency in legal matters, you can find my mugshot free, which can help you understand what information is publicly available about you. Learn how to remove mugshots online here.