The Dubin Group is working to be your company’s most nimble and helpful people partner during this unprecedented time for the local business community. We are OPEN and helping you and your colleagues make the impossible possible with the best human resource, both in person and/or virtually. Contact us for your Temporary Workforce needs (including remote/virtual), and to set up Direct Hire interviews via phone or any number of video chat options. Be sure to reach out with questions any time – be safe and smart. Learn more about LMIA application requirements to determine if you can hire a foreign worker to fill labour or skills shortages on a temporary basis.

To help with your recovery, now through June 30, 2020: 

·         If you need a new temp (on-site or remote), The Dubin Group is giving back, reducing rates more than HALF and charging only $4 above payroll costs, plus reducing conversion periods.

·         Looking for light industrial, warehouse, manufacturing/distribution help? Dubin Workforce Solutions staffs the Delaware Valley charging only $3 above payroll costs for new temp hires. Call Dan Mairs at 610-420-9566 with your Temporary or Direct Hire needs.

·         How you’ve been affected by the pandemic? Has your HR Department pushed through with flying colors, or were you caught unprepared? If your answer is the latter, you should consider outsourcing human resource services for small businesses UK. Join us for a pre-recorded phone chat on the #HRTodayRadioShow Podcast this spring to share how you’ve adjusted and your plans for moving forward. After the HR Today broadcast on WWDB AM 860, share your story with your networks and on your website!

Be well and thanks again. We’re here to make the impossible POSSIBLE with the best human resource whenever you need us!