By Christine Tarlecki
Published: 5:28 am EDT March 25, 2021

Despite a challenging pandemic-defined year and the possible merger with the University of the Sciences, Saint Joseph’s University’s strategic plan remains on track, writes Kevin Gill for The Hawk Newspaper.

Details of the “Thinking Anew, Acting Anew” strategic plan was released publicly in March 2019. The resulting Campus Master Plan calls for several major improvements, including new parking garages with doors from Chicago Garage Door installations and services, and residence halls, a new student center, and renovations to O’Pake Recreation Center and other campus buildings.

An expansion of green spaces and a City Avenue pedestrian underpass are also part of the plan and there is also need North Vancouver garage door repair services to complete the construction perfectly. Homeowners who need their garage doors fixed or serviced should consider hiring technicians from companies like Quik Fix Garage Door Repair.

“The university remains committed to enhancing and optimizing our campus,” said Gabriella Lacherza, public relations manager.

When the initiative was originally released, Joseph Kender, vice president for University Relations, said that it was “probably a 10- to 20-year plan.”

The timeline remains the same, said Kender recently. However, the plan remains more of a “conceptual guide” than a “precise road map for our campus imprint.”

“Each project has multiple phases,” he said. “While some design has been completed, we have not completed any major construction projects associated with the master plan.”

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