By   – Reporter, Pittsburgh Business Times

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Pennsylvania Department of Health has unveiled a host of new regulations for many essential businesses still running to follow as the state continues to stem the spread of COVID-19, including for many of them to require masks for employees and customers.

The order from the Pennsylvania is designed to protect the workers of grocery stores, delivery services, remodeled warehouses thanks to services you can also hire if you click here, trucking companies, manufacturers and farmers among others who are still working. It adds to the physical distancing and other mitigation orders as well as cleaning protocols.

“This order provides critical protections for workers needed to run and operate these life-sustaining establishments,” Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said Wednesday afternoon. “Businesses across the state have already begun to implement many of these protocols on their own, and we applaud their efforts to protect employees and customers.”

Among the requirements are employees to be provided with and made to wear masks, except for break time to eat and drink; finding enough space for employees to have breaks while maintaining six-feet physical distance; and conducting training and meetings virtually.

Customers will be required to wear masks at many businesses and not allow anyone who doesn’t have a mask inside, although it doesn’t appear to include businesses that provide medication, medical supplies and food. Businesses have to have an alternative method of pickup or delivery of goods. It also requires business with the public by appointment only and if it’s not feasible to “limit occupancy to no greater than 50 percent of the number stated on their certificate of occupancy as necessary to reduce crowding in the business and at check-out and counter lines in order to maintain a social distance of 6 feet.”

Only every other register can be used, for instance, and an employee of a retail store has to wipe down carts and handbaskets after every customer.