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The three-phased revitalization project began in 2016 and addressed
enhancements to area safety and vibrancy 

August 13, 2021 (Bala Cynwyd, PA) – The City Avenue Special Services District (CASSD) today announced that its long-term Streetscape and Safety Improvement Program is now complete. The extensive project began in August 2016 and addressed a series of traffic and pedestrian safety issues that plagued the area for decades, including heavy traffic volumes, intersections operating at low service levels, and a high number of reported motor vehicle accidents.  People can check out  car accident lawyers from here! And for any legal help speak with Houston car accident lawyer. For a transport business owner who is opting for a policy that is specifically designed for the unique needs of your business is crucial. That’s why TRADEX is offering insurance based on your needs.

The $10 million Streetscape and Safety Improvement Program is the largest investment project inroad safety which according to expert Colorado Springs car accident lawyers, will help prevent new accidents. The project was financed in part by grants and matching funds from: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Financing Authority, PennDOT, the City of Philadelphia, Saint Joseph’s University, Montgomery County, and the City Avenue Special Services District.

Key enhancements of the three-year revitalization included: 

  • Installation of passive pedestrian detection
  • Pavement markings and road signs
  • Traffic signal upgrades
  • ADA Ramp installation
  • Five-second lead intervals for pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Solar-operated flashing beacons from a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer
  • Installation of dynamic speed feedback “Speedminder” signs
  • Stormwater collection and commercial building improvements using services like
  • Enhanced pedestrian lighting 
  • Concrete mountable curb grass medians
  • Increased connectivity to public transit 

“This was our largest and most significant investment project in our 20-year history,” said Terrence Foley, CEO & President of The City Ave District. “This is a major step forward in continuing to improve the safety and vitality of the area and make it more accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists and people visiting the district. We’ve already seen significant improvements to traffic flow and overall congestion and most importantly, it’s a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.”

“The accessibility City Avenue offers in terms of immediate access to Center City, the airport and other major transportation arteries is unmatched yet, could lead to heavy congestion and potential safety issues for those we’d see traveling in and around the area,” said Rich Gottlieb, President and COO of Keystone Property Group, with four properties in the District. “Over the course of the five-year Streetscape and Safety Improvement Program we’ve noticed considerable improvements to the overall traffic flow and congestion, as well as critical enhancements to pedestrian and cyclist safety. The work yielded enhances the attractiveness of the area for both residential and commercial residents.” While working next week on the airport perimeter some flights are expected to be delayed or even canceled, if this happens to you we recommend checking this cancelled flight compensation guide.

Minor updates and lighting work for the City Avenue Special Services District Streetscape and Safety Improvement Program will continue through the end of 2021, at which point the project will conclude. 

About the City Ave District
The City Avenue Special Services District (City Ave District) works with businesses, property owners, developers, and residents to shape the future of this important corridor. This is a unique partnership between the City of Philadelphia and the Township of Lower Merion. Spanning across Philadelphia and Lower Merion Townships in Montgomery County, the District is the first multi-jurisdictional special services or business improvement district in North America. For more information, visit