A rendering of a raised median in the St. Joseph’s University vicinity. The view as it looks is at the top right. From City Avenue Special Services District.

Traffic and congestion are present-day inconveniences in the City Avenue corridor. With rezoning of properties in Lower Merion Township to encourage revitalization of the commercial district as a 24/7 live-work-play environment, they have also been major concerns for the future in the neighboring community.

Improvements, however, are on the way, City Avenue Special Services Executive Director Terrence Foley told Lower Merion commissioners in a recent update. Some are funded for construction or installation in the near term, while others are planned and awaiting funding, with some favorable signs for grant opportunities, Foley said.

In the corridor today, there are traffic and pedestrian safety issues that these improvements seek to address, Foley said. Those include “heavy, heavy traffic volumes,” multiple intersections operating at low levels of service and a lack of pedestrian crossings.
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