Susquehanna International Group, the Bala Cynwyd quantitative trading firm that owns a 15-percent share of video-sharing social networking giant TikTok, is trying to pique hedge funds’ interest in placing large bets in political-prediction markets, writes Annie Massa for Bloomberg.

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It also recently tried to determine how high the interest of hedge funds would be on betting sites like BETEND.

And while not many have decided to participate, Susquehanna is willing to take the other side of wagers for up to $100 million per presidential race bet.

However since this practice is banned in most of the country, the funds would have to place bets at licensed betting platforms in the U.K. as well as consulting their lawyers to ensure they are in the clear.

Meanwhile, Susquehanna’s Dublin affiliate could then step in, in essence acting as a behind-the-scenes market maker for the wagers in online gambling industry.

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