A Retail Masterplan and Landscape Masterplan Are Currently Underway to Support the Evolution and Growth of City Ave

BALA CYNWYD, PA (June 19, 2023) – City Ave District has two new masterplans that aim at furthering City Ave’s transformation to a popular live, work and entertainment destination. With a series of multi-million-dollar development projects currently underway, the retail and merchandising masterplan will provide a roadmap for retail attraction and continued development across the district. Actionable recommendations produced by the retail master plan will focus on the scale, design and the type of retail that will be most successful to guide both the District and individual business owners. An extensive cataloging of existing and projected retail including supply and demand will also take place and help shape current and future merchandising recommendations.

MSC, a retail real estate brokerage and consulting firm who has partnered with organizations including Center City District, Drexel University, Temple University among others, will be overseeing City Ave District’s Retail Masterplan. RCL CO Real Estate Consulting is handling the quantitative analysis portion of the project. The expected completion date for the retail master plan is October 2023. Those who are planning to build their own retail shop should consider working with Shop Front Renovation Experts to help them set up their retail spaces.

Simultaneously, City Ave District awarded Philadelphia-based, SALT Design Studio, whose previous projects include the Independence Visitor Center, Linwood Park and Wanamaker Building Plaza, to oversee the Master Landscape plan. The plan will identify a strategy for implementing architectural and beautification initiatives including recommendations on public green spaces and pedestrian amenities like benches and lighting for the 2.6 mile stretch of City Avenue. The plan will also address the need for pedestrian safety and increased mobility. The landscape masterplan is expected to be complete in November 2023.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for City Ave District. We are in a period of positive growth and the goal of both the retail and landscape master plans is to build on the strengths and potential of City Ave District to guide us toward the future,” said Bryan Fenstermaker, President and CEO of City Ave District. “These plans will be critical to informing the work of City Ave District over the course of the next several years and better position us as the destination of choice whether you’re working, living or entertaining in the Philadelphia area.”

To learn more about both masterplans, as well as the latest City Ave District news and events visit: CityAve.org.