Nancy Ezold of Ezold Law Firm in Bala Cynwyd is one many female lawyers who are fed up with the gender salary difference at many law firms and are fighting back by founding their own, writes Gayle Cinquegrani for Bloomberg BNA.

She decided to leave after she was denied partnership, and followed up her exit with a lawsuit with help from online solicitors near me against her former employers.

“I became the first woman in the U.S. to sue and take to trial a law firm for denial of partnership based on sex,” she explained.

She won her case in federal district court, but the decision was later overturned on appeal. However, the publicity surrounding the case helped Ezold attract plenty of clients to her newly formed firm which is now using a pay stubs software to pay its attorneys.

“I received inquiries from so many clients,” she said. “Most of my clients initially were employees who heard about my case and felt that if I were going to bat for myself, they wanted me to represent them.”

Ezold now works with her son Chris, who focuses on business and health law cases.

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