On Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th, Pope Francis will be visiting the Philadelphia area.

For up to the minute updates on City Ave traffic conditions, road closures, business openings/closings, etc. during the Papal Weekend, please follow us on Twitter (City_Ave). Our Director of Operations and Public Safety will be live tweeting the entire weekend- he’ll tell you what you need to know! Not on Twitter? Send questions to

All traffic on City Avenue (between Lancaster Avenue and I-76) WILL BE IMPACTED during the following times:

  • Saturday, September 26th from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Sunday, September 27th from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM


– Philadelphia side (Northbound) – City Avenue will be closed between I-76 and Lancaster Avenue.

– Lower Merion side (Southbound) – City Avenue will be closed between Belmont and Lancaster Avenues.  (Between I-76 and Belmont Avenue, City Avenue will be open, but subject to unannounced periodic closures for security reasons.)

Cross traffic will be permitted at the following intersections, with exceptions*:

  • Presidential Boulevard
  • Belmont Avenue
  • Conshohocken State Road (RT 23)
  • Bryn Mawr Avenue
  • Old Lancaster Road/54th Street
  • Lancaster Avenue (RT 30)

*Cross traffic will be prohibited at periodic, unannounced times for security purposes

SEPTA Bus/Train/Trolley routes and schedules will also be affected, with some service being modified or suspended altogether. Please refer to for details.



You will need to consider how the closure of City Avenue will affect the following:

  • Your ability to provide services to your customers/clients/patients, etc.
  • Your employees’ schedules and their ability to get to/from work
  • SEPTA Schedules – if your employees/customers rely on public transportation
  • Your ability to receive supplies and deliver products
  • Your ability to provide off-street parking for your customers and employees (if currently offered)


Almost all road closures (with the exception of possibly some Center City streets) are expected to end by evening on Sunday, September 27th. City Avenue is expected to reopen by 4:00 PM that evening. We have heard that there is the expectation of heavier than normal traffic volume for Monday morning, September 28th, as people may still be leaving the city, hotels, etc. However, all roads are expected to be open. If your employees or clients use public transportation, you may want to consider the fact that SEPTA schedules may not be quite back to normal on Monday, as they recover from the events.


All of the above is subject to change at irregular intervals and without advance notice.  For more detailed and specific information regarding the Pope’s visit and what to expect, or to sign up for E-Mail updates, please:


  • Visit our website – – regularly
  • E-mail us at or,
  • Call our office at 610-747-0311


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