After opening on May 26, the Trail’s End Café at Cynwyd Station has made a special effort to accommodate the early morning commuters aboard SEPTA’s Cynwyd Line. Operating out of the restored 1890’s station, The Trail’s End Café opens at 7AM on weekdays to provide a quick bite to eat and a cup to go for anyone rushing to work. But now, that has all changed.

Due to the recent discovery of fractures in the new rail cars, SEPTA announced Saturday they will replace the rail cars with busses leaving the Cynwyd Station on the same schedule. The busses will take commuters to 30th Street Station where they can transfer to the other Center City stops.

When asked how this will affect the business at the café, Tracy Katz, one of the co-founders remarked, “Look, our biggest seller is ice cream. To tell you the truth, we weren’t make many ice cream sales at 7 in the morning.”

“We are here for the thousands of people who walk or ride their bikes on the Cynwyd Trail and we still offer the best tasting coffee in the area,” added Julia Barol, another co-founder. “We’re still here to meet the bus passengers and we hope that those who choose to drive into town, will stop at the Café to fill their travel mugs.”

As the website www.TrailsEnd.Cafe points out, the café will continue to be full day and night, weekdays and weekends, with lots of activities, such as book talks, music recitals, children story hours, and business network events.


Regardless of when SEPTA restores rail service, the Trail’s End Café at Cynwyd Station will continue to chug along.