FOR EMPLOYERS: The City of Philadelphia recently launched the Workforce COVID-19 Vaccine Planning Form for Philadelphia-based organizations and companies that employ workers in Phase 1b or 1c. Employers can complete the questionnaire to help inform the City of Philadelphia’s plans for distributing vaccine.

FOR RESIDENTS: All residents can now sign up online to reserve their place in line for the vaccine.
Philadelphia is currently receiving an extremely limited supply of vaccine. The City is making the vaccine available in phases based on a person’s level of risk of:

  • Acquiring infection.
  • Transmitting infection to vulnerable persons.
  • Suffering severe consequences of infection.

WEEKLY VACCINE UPDATES: The Department of Public Health will provide weekly updates about COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Philadelphia using a new blog post on the City’s website. The updates will include:

  • Highlights of new information for the week
  • The number of vaccines Philadelphia is receiving each week
  • Running numbers of doses administered
  • Racial and gender breakdowns of vaccine recipients
  • A list and map of all sites administering vaccines

To learn more about Philadelphia’s phased distribution of vaccine, visit frequently asked questions or this page about COVID-19 vaccine documents.